3 Decisions To Make When Replacing The Windows In Your Home

Leaky windows are a common source of energy loss in homes, but a lot of homeowners wait to replace their windows because of the costs. At some point, you may decide to hire a company to install new windows for you. When you do this, you will have a few important decisions to make, and here are three of them.

New Windows vs. Replacement Windows

Many people do not understand the difference between new windows and replacement windows, but there is a big difference. New windows come with a nailing flange and a frame. Replacement windows are primarily only the glass for the windows. A replacement window reuses the existing nailing flange and frame, and is often referred to as a pocket replacement.

To decide which type you need, you will have to decide whether you would like to purchase new frames. You don't have to, but you may want to, especially if your current windows are really old.

People often decide simply to go with replacement windows because they are:

  • More affordable
  • Easier to install
  • Less mess and work

You may want to get quotes for both types, and you could decide from there which to choose.

Fixed vs. Operable

The next big question to consider is whether you would like fixed or operable windows, and there is a good chance you will need a mixture of both.

Fixed windows are those that cannot be opened. They allow light to come through and are there for looks, but they are not designed to be used to allow air to come through. Operable windows, on the other hand, are the type that you can open.

You may need to think about which types you would like for each of the windows in your home. After you decide that, you will need to decide which type of window to purchase.

Sliding vs. Casement vs. Double-Hung

While there are many brands and types of windows to choose from, there are three that are very common.


A sliding window is one that has panels. It can generally only be opened half-way, and this leaves the bottom half of the window open. These are great for energy-saving purposes because they seal well.


The next option is a casement window. This type is very popular today and opens with a crank. You can choose whether the windows will open inwards or outwards, and these windows may last longer than others because they have a very simple design.

If your home does not have central air, you will not be able to install window air conditioners if you have casement windows. You would have to stick with double-hung windows to do this.


Double-hung windows generally include two sashes, one on the bottom and one on the top. Each of the sashes not only opens, but you can slide them out or tilt them to clean them.

You can also consider getting single-hung windows. These windows have only one operable sash, which is usually on the bottom of the window. These are cheaper than double-hung windows.

There is not a big difference between the costs of each of these window types, because the prices you pay will depend on:

  • Brand
  • Quality
  • Size
  • Type

You can request bids for several types and brands of windows, and this is the best way to choose an option that you can afford.

Replacing your windows can make your house look nicer, and it may increase the value of your home. You will also benefit from this through lower energy bills and a reduction in drafts. To learn more, talk to a window contractor, like Ken Caryl Glass Inc., in your area.