4 Steps To Create A Man Cave That Showcases Your Love For Cleveland Sports

If your love for Cleveland sports has been reignited by the recent improvements in local teams, then why not design a man cave where you can watch the games surrounded by team colors? You may not be able to make it to every game, but when you watch them from home in your new sports-themed recreation room, you can feel like the dedicated fan you are while staying warm and watching the game on your big-screen TV. Follow these steps to create a sports room that incorporates your team colors. 

1. Start with an Easy-clean Vinyl Tile Floor

Vinyl is a great flooring option for a sports-viewing room. It can be cleaned easily when those chicken wings and nachos you serve during game day get-togethers lead to inevitable spills. Who wants to scrub hot wing sauce out of carpeting? Vinyl tile can be used to create a checker-board pattern out of your team's colors. 

To make the floor feel more cozy on your feet when temperatures are low and you are watching the games alone or with your spouse, just throw a couple of super-soft area rugs in team colors on top. You can roll them up and store them when you host parties and don't want beer and snacks spilled on them. Continue online research to find out more about flooring for your new space.

2. Paint the Walls with Strategically Placed Colors

Your favorite team's colors are likely composed of at least one light color and one dark one. Instead of painting alternating walls each of these colors, paint the walls the lighter color, and then add the darker color to an accent wall. This can keep the room from appearing and feeling smaller, as they often do when walls are too dark. 

Alternatively, you can paint all walls in the lighter color, then use a fun stencil to paint your team's logo on the walls. Instead of placing them haphazardly, stick to a pattern when stenciling. You can even cover the walls completely when stenciling. If you do this, be sure to measure beforehand to make sure logos are evenly spaced. 

3. Add Dark, Comfortable Furniture

Stick to the darker team color when choosing your furniture, as light furniture will not hide any inevitable stains well. If you can find faux-leather furniture in your team color, then this is a great choice, as you can wipe up spills more easily off this upholstery. Add throw pillows in the team's lighter color and cozy fleece blankets with the team logo on them to finish off the furniture look and keep you cozy when watching the games. 

If you don't like the feel of faux-leather, then other easy-clean furniture upholstery options include microfiber, olefin, and polyester blends. 

It also a good idea to keep a few fold-up chairs handy and ready to set up when friends come over to watch games in your new sports room. 

4. Don't Forget the Super-important End Tables

Although your room will be more resistant to stains when you have easy-clean vinyl flooring and stain-resistant furniture in place, you still don't want to spend game day cleaning up spills and missing good plays. Place more tables in the room than you would in a typical den. A couple of coffee tables and as many end tables as you can fit without overwhelming the room size can help keep guests from holding plates of food on their laps and holding drinks in their clumsy hands. 

Tables can be a neutral color that complements your team colors, or you can look for tables in the darker team color. Load the tables with stacks of coasters with your team logo on them so they are handy you have guests. Coasters prevent those dreaded, difficult to remove "rings" on the tables. 

Follow these steps to create a sports room of your dreams with a "Cleveland team color" theme. Remember that although you may not count on making it a party room, it will become one after your friends see it, so remember to make everything stain-resistant and easy to clean.