3 Nursery Additions To Help Your New Baby Sleep Soundly

Welcoming a new baby into your home is an exciting and momentous occasion. One of the top priorities for expectant parents is preparing the nursery and making sure that it's perfect before your newborn is brought home from the hospital. Picking out the paint and wallpaper, choosing a crib and change table, and selecting sweet and soft bed linen are some of the tasks that you may have put considerable time and thought into.

As well as creating a beautiful environment for your baby to sleep in, it's also important to make sure that the nursery is conducive to sound and safe sleep. Here are three nursery additions that will ensure that your baby has an excellent sleeping environment:

1. Window blinds

Creating a dark environment is important for helping your baby to sleep soundly. Installing good quality blinds that effectively block out daylight is vital for the daytime naps and to help prevent early rising when the days are long during summer.

Opt for blinds that have a blackout coating on the reverse side for the best results. These blinds have the added benefit of adding insulation to your baby's window to keep the temperature steady during hot and cold weather.

2. A room thermometer

Babies are much more susceptible to variations in temperature than adults and it's important for them to sleep in a room that's not too hot or too cold. They aren't able to regulate their body temperature effectively and can easily overheat or become too cold in a room that feels reasonably comfortable to an adult.

Having a wall-mounted thermometer in your baby's nursery is the best way to keep the room at the right temperature. It will allow you to adjust the settings of your heating or cooling appliances so that your baby sleeps soundly and safely.

3. A white noise soundtrack

Newborn babies aren't accustomed to the quiet environment of a nursery. In utero, they slept to the sounds of their mother's blood pumping, food digesting, and the muffled noises of the outside world. For this reason, many babies sleep more soundly with a soundtrack of white noise which recreates the sounds they were exposed to in the womb.

You can buy CDs which have a white noise soundtrack designed for helping babies sleep. You can also get them online as digital albums to play on your smartphone or digital music player. White noise soundtracks are also handy when you're in the car and your baby is unsettled.

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