How To Make A Nature Sanctuary In Your Backyard

If you're like many modern homeowners, your leisure time is limited, and you probably wish that you could enjoy natural green spaces more often. Few things are as soothing as spending time in nature. Fortunately, you can create a nature sanctuary of your very own even if all you've got is a small back yard. Following are three ways that you can attract wildlife to your backyard and create a serene natural space even if your home is located in the middle of a crowded city. 

Create a Wildlife Habitat Garden 

Imagine sitting outdoors on your deck watching birds, bees, and butterflies cavorting in your garden. This doesn't have to be a dream -- introducing native plants can help make this happen. Plant plenty of annual and perennial flowering plants that produce seeds for birds and pollen for bees and butterflies. If you've got room, plant berry bushes as well as fruit trees that are native to your area. 

Using native plants also eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides, all of which can be harmful to wildlife populations. 

Nesting Boxes

Adding nesting boxes to your outdoor living space provides birds with necessary habitat to lay their eggs and raise their young. It can also provide you with hours of enjoyment as you watch the avian families prepare their nests, care for their young, and teach them to fly when the time comes for them to strike out on their own.  Birds aren't the only winged creatures that need nesting habitat -- you should also consider having bat houses. Not only are these mysterious nocturnal creatures fascinating, they help keep your lawn and garden area free of harmful insect pests. 

Water Sources 

Water features such as statue water fountains provide fresh drinking and bathing water to the birds, bees, and butterflies, as well as abundant aesthetic values for the enjoyment of homeowners, their families, and their guests. The sound of water is one of nature's ways of making beautiful music, and the statuary and fountains themselves are eye-appealing as well and are appropriate for outdoor living spaces ranging from casual to formal. If you want a classical ambiance, you can opt for those depicting Greek and Roman statues, while statuaries depicting elves, gnomes, and forest creatures are available for those who want to create a more whimsical atmosphere. 

Please feel free to contact your local water feature retailer for more information on creating a beautiful backyard sanctuary.