Did A Sudden Spring Snow Storm Damage Your Awnings?

Winter is a jerk sometimes and likes coming back long after everyone thinks spring is finally here. When this happens, awnings are often the first areas of a building to suffer. If you noticed damage to your awnings after a surprise spring snow storm, here's what you need to know.

Awnings Can Only Hold So Much Snow

In a surprising spring snow storm, your awnings are going to be exposed to a sudden burst of snow that they don't deserve. Unfortunately, all that extra snow is going to put an extra strain on them that could damage their exterior. While most awnings are designed to last for decades without failure, their structure may give out if a snow storm comes out of season.

Thankfully, your awnings aren't likely to suddenly give out after a storm. Instead, they are more likely to experience minor damage that spreads over a period of time. In fact, most awning failure is typically caused by cumulative damage over a period of several years. But this failure is more likely after the sudden changes of temperature associated with a winter storm.

Temperature Changes Can Also Affect Your Awning Strength

While excessive snow can cause minor to moderate damage to your awnings, the most problematic issue is likely the sudden temperature changes. When snow falls in the spring, there's a good chance the temperature changed from the 60s to about the 30s in just a few days.

Unfortunately, the material of your awnings may react to these temperature swings in negative ways. For example, the warmer days may cause the material to expand, while the cold will cause it to contract. When this situation combines with excessive snow, you are looking at the chance of needing serious awning repairs.

When Repair Is Necessary

The strength of most awnings means that they aren't likely to need immediate repair after a serious snow storm in the early spring months. However, you might want to call an expert in anyway and have them investigate. They can spot minor damage issues that could otherwise spiral into more serious issues.

Just as importantly, they can do minor spot repairs that will keep your awning up and strong long after other areas of your building are suffering. By performing these simple maintenance steps, you can also spot other problems that may be popping up in your home, such as degraded shingles.

So if your home suffered from a severe snow storm early this spring and you're worried about your awnings, contact a professional repair service, like Lockhart Gene & Son Canvas Awnings. Skilled specialists will make sure that your awnings are in great shape.