Getting the Right Features and Upgrades to Consider When Investing in a Swim Spa for Your Home

If you have always wanted to have a pool and hot tub in your backyard but didn't have enough space, swim spas offer the perfect solutions. These are like larger hot tubs that have a spa and swimming area. They can be aboveground or in-ground units and have all the features of the best hot tubs and more. Before you invest in a swim spa, you will want to choose all the features you want for your home. Here are some of the options and upgrades you will want to consider before investing in a swim spa:

In-ground Swim Spa or Aboveground Units with Luxurious Wood Skirting

Swim spas are usually made of fiberglass, which can be installed in-ground like a conventional pool or be an aboveground unit with wood skirting like smaller spas and hot tubs. In-ground swim spas can be great to integrate these features into landscaping and backyard spaces, while an aboveground spa is perfect for a patio or enclosing your spa area. In addition, aboveground units will be easier to remove and take with you if you ever move. Aboveground units that can be moved will not influence the value of your home or make it difficult to sell, which is common with conventional in-ground pools.

Number of Pumps and Jets Used for the Swimming Pool Feature

One of the best parts of a swim spa is that it has powerful jets that create a force of resistance to swim in place in a small area. There are many different variations of these jet systems, but usually, they work with several pumps that power the jets at the end of the pool area. The more pumps and jets for the swimming area, the stronger the current is to swim against. If you are a strong swimmer and want the swim spa for daily exercise, it may be a good idea to invest in a system that has more jets or more gallons per minute flow. If you just want the swim feature to relax or do not want a strong swimming current, fewer jets will be better for you and more affordable.

How Many People the Spa Can Seat and Extra Therapeutic Bed Features

There are many different swim spa models and designs, and you can find options to seat anywhere from 4 to 8 people. If you want a larger swim spa, custom designs can accommodate even more people. You may want to choose a pool spa model that has 2 to 4 seats in the spa area and additional spaces in the swim area. Since these spas have a larger design, you also have the option of designs that include therapeutic bed or lounge features in the swimming area.

Electrical Systems, Lighting, and Audio That You Can Add to Your Swim Spa Installation

Whether your pool is professionally installed or you do a lot of the work yourself, you will want to have an electrician add the circuit and connections for the breaker. This is because you may want to choose units that include integrated lighting and radio or audio features. In addition, you will want to add exterior lighting around the pool spa area to safely enjoy it at night.

These are all the options and upgrades that you can choose from when investing in a new swim spa. If you are ready to create your own outdoor oasis, contact a hot tub service and talk with them about some of these options for your new swimming pool spa.