Are You Decorating An Elegant Master Bedroom?

Are you moving into a brand-new house? Maybe you're getting to redecorate your present master bedroom. If you've decided on going from a casual mood in your bedroom to an elegant one, you are in for some fun planning and shopping. From selecting a fireplace for your bedroom to choosing new accent pieces, here are some ideas that might help you to decorate a room you'll love.

Start With A Fireplace - What could be more elegant than having a beautiful fireplace in your master bedroom? Even if you have limited space, you can make that happen. If you want to establish an elegant mood in your bedroom, consider selecting a small mahogany wood fireplace with a lot of detail work in the design. Top the fireplace with a marble mantle for even more elegance.

The great thing about buying a fireplace for any room is that they are so easy to install that you can probably do the job yourself. However, if you're uncomfortable even thinking about doing the installation yourself, the company that you purchased it from will likely have trained workers who will be happy to do the installation for you. A bonus is that the price of a fireplace will probably be very affordable. 

Add Decorative Accents - If you have a very casual light fixture in place already, are you willing to trade it for a more elegant one? If so, consider selecting a crystal chandelier that might normally go in a formal living room or dining room. Marching crystal wall sconces will not only add beauty and elegance to your bedroom, but they'll also add subtle lighting when you want it.

Choose other accessories with elegance in mind, too. For example, if you selected crystal for your ceiling and the wall sconces, select crystal bedside table lamps, too. A really pretty touch would be to purchase crystal or glass candleholders for the fireplace mantle. Choose different heights to add interest. If you place the candleholders across the entire mantle, think of placing small votive candle holders in strategic places.

As you select your bed linens, consider the kind of mood you want to set. For example, if you want a subtle elegance, choose an off-white bedspread and add throw pillows in muted colors. If you want a more dramatic elegant look, choose a bedspread in bright jewel-tones and add gold metallic throw pillows.

For more information on home decorations like fireplaces, contact a home and garden store.