4 Questions About Having A Mice Infestation

Having a mice infestation in your home may seem like an annoyance, but it is actually much worse than that. These pests carry diseases with them as they roam through your home, and as they contaminate their walking path with urine and mice droppings. Here is what you need to know about having mice in your home. 

What Do Mice Look For?

There is a reason that mice are getting inside your home. They are likely looking for shelter from the outdoors, especially during bad weather conditions. The mice are also trying to seek out a source of water in food, which your home surely has plenty of. Their main goal is survival, which makes a home a perfect fit for them.

How Did The Infestation Occur?

Mice are capable of entering a home through the smallest holes, even one as small as a dime. These holes don't have to be at ground level either, since they are capable of jumping fairly high and climbing walls. If there is a pipe or gutter along the side of your house, a mouse can climb up it to reach an entry point.

Where Will Mice Hide Inside?

Even if you do not actively see mice within your home, they could be hiding. They are going to seek out places that are dry and warm, and preferably close to where they are finding food. They can easily get into small spaces under your kitchen cabinets, within a garage, or odd spots of your basement.

How Do You Get Rid Of Mice?

You'll need to get rid of these pests using traps. There are traps designed to kill the mice when they enter the trap, and others that are designed to be more humane for catching and releasing the mice somewhere far away from your home. Of course, catching mice will not do any good if you are not proactive in preventing them from getting back into your home.

The first step is to seal off entrance points where the mice are getting into your home, which can be challenging to find. You'll then need to make your home unappealing to mice, by making sure food is sealed, your floors are free of crumbs, and putting lids on your trash cans. 

When you feel like this task is too difficult to do on your own, reach out to a professional mice control service for assistance. They'll make sure the mice are gone for good.