Shoe Clutter? Closet Organization Can Help

Do you have a passion for shoes? If you answered yes, that's awesome. However, your passion might be starting to cause a bit of anxiety when you look at the piles of shoes all over your closet. Fortunately, you do not have to get rid of your shoes, but you may need to take some steps to organize the space. Here are some tips to get you started.

Look Beyond the Floor

The common consensus is that shoes belong on the floor, but in terms of closet organization, it is time to give this idea the boot. The goal is to find a way to fit all your shoes in the closet, and the only way to go about this is to maximize every inch of the room for storage. 

A floor-to-ceiling shoe unit is a great option, especially if the closet has tail ceilings. Put your shoes you wear most often on the lower shelves and reserve the higher shelves for shoes you wear less often or that are out of season. 

Ditch the Shoe Boxes

Get rid of any shoe boxes that you have in the closet. Sure, you might keep these boxes to protect your favorite pair of shoes or your high-end designer shoes, but they take up too much space. 

A large and bulky box is much larger than the shoe itself and can make it challenging to find the pair of shoes you want. You can protect your shoes just as effectively by putting them in a dust bag or by installing a cubby system that separates each pair of shoes. 

Remove Barriers

Try not to put yourself in a box. If you did not build your home, there is a large chance that you also did not design the layout of the space, in terms of the shelving and other built-ins. 

Remember that it is okay to remove these barriers to design a space that meets your needs, not the needs of the person who lived there before you. Whether it is removing some of the shelving or completely revamping the space, you have options. 

Consider Professional Help

Call in a professional if you want to organize your shoes and the rest of the closet. An organizer can look at your existing closet layout, your belongings, and review your budget to help you create a custom design that meets your unique need. 

Do not worry about getting rid of your shoes, just get organized. Remember, an organizing professional is more than happy to help.

For further help with organizing shoes, reach out to a walk-in closet organization professional in your area.