Live In A Stormy Area? Comparing Accordion Storm Shutters And Impact Windows

If you live in an area that gets severe windstorms, or even hurricanes, you'll want to invest in high-quality materials for your windows so that they can withstand any flying debris. You may be wondering if you need to install impact windows, which have strong laminated layers between heavy-duty panes, or if you could just place accordion storm shutters over the windows you already have. Read on to learn the benefits of both options and which one might be suitable to your needs.

What Are the Benefits of Accordion Storm Shutters?

Arguably the biggest benefit of shutters is that they are significantly less expensive since they are much easier to install than impact windows. Accordion shutters have many styles, colors, and materials, so you have customizable options for your current windows.

While impact windows may suffer damage after a storm that may not warrant replacement, the damage can make the windows look unappealing. Because accordion shutters protect your windows and can be folded up easily, nicks and damages can be hidden more easily.

What Are the Benefits of Impact Windows?

While the upfront costs are higher, impact windows tend to be stronger than storm shutters. For added strength, some homeowners may even combine their impact windows with storm shutters. Besides protecting you from severe weather, impact windows are great insulators and can keep UV light out of your home. Do you live in a noisy area? Then impact windows can be useful since they are great at dampening sound.

Which Option Is Better?

One option isn't better than the other — your decisions will come down to building requirements in your area and your preferences. For example, if you live in Florida and are near the coast — which can get extremely high wind speeds of 110 mph or greater — then you may be required to get rated impact windows. If you live in an area with building codes that are more lax, you might just want to get accordion storm shutters over your home's current windows and save money.

You may already know that some insurance companies will give you a discount if you get impact windows, but did you know the same is true for accordion storm shutters? If your policy will give a discount over one or the other, then those savings could dictate your choice.

Some people prefer accordion shutters because they are always attached to your windows; there's no need to store shutters in the garage or attic. Some impact windows need to have their shutters re-attached each time there is a storm. As the name suggests, accordion shutters fold up and are hidden when they aren't in use, so they are fairly low maintenance.

For more information about protecting your home from inclement weather or about installing shutters and windows, reach out to a home and garden professional in your area today.