3 Ways To Use Sleeper Sofas During The Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches, many families embark on old traditions, activities, and extended time with family members. One way to help enhance the holidays is with the use of a sleeper sofa. As you plan various festivities, learn how a sleeper sofa can provide convenience and fun for everyone in the family.

1. Family Guests

Houses can quickly get crowded during the holiday season and a sleeper sofa is an ideal way to provide an extra bed for anyone visiting the home. The bed easily folds in and out, creating a comfortable space once everyone settles down at the end of the night.

The sleeper sofa is ideal for extended stays during Thanksgiving, Christmas, or points between the holidays. When shop for sleeper sofas like an Alenya sofa, you can upgrade the mattress to a premium design so your guests have the most comfort as they stay for a night or two.

Even if you have a guest room in your home, the sleeper sofa provides a way for extra guests to come and stay the night without the need to sleep on floors or in uncomfortable positions.

2. Christmas Pajama Party

One of the newer holiday traditions is for a whole family to wear matching pajamas together. As you plan out matching outfits, you can use the sleeper sofa to host a fun Christmas pajama party. Everyone will wear the pajamas as you hang out on the sleeper sofa and enjoy fun holiday-themed snacks. Place a protective cover over the mattress to protect it from spills.

The pull out sofa makes an ideal spot for snapping pictures of everyone in their pajamas. You can turn the fun into a whole family sleepover on the couch, or give the kids a fun night to sleep on the couch while everyone has a pajama breakfast the next morning.

3. Movie Marathons

The holiday season is an ideal time to enjoy collections of classic movies. Instead of just sitting on the couch, you can pull out the sofa and allow everyone to sprawl out and relax as you watch a collection of holiday classics. The pull-out couch provides a lot of extra comfort and you can allow everyone to vote on which movies to watch and which snacks to have.

The pull-out sofa movie watching could become a new family tradition, even when the holidays are over. When the family has a new movie to enjoy, everyone can watch the film together use the pull-out mattress for the most comfort.

A new couch can create new holiday traditions and become a special holiday gift the whole family gets to enjoy together.