Sympathy Gift Ideas

Offering your condolences to a friend who is mourning a loss can be accomplished with the exchange of a sympathy gift that is symbolic of the deceased or that is designed to provide a mourner with comfort and support. Help your friend through the bereavement process by preparing one of the following gifts for them.

Personalized Yard Decor

A bird feeder, a set of chimes, or a flag that contains a picture of the deceased and lettering that is representative of their name can be viewed and appreciated year-round. A feeder that attracts birds can be used as a symbol of eternal life, since living creatures may frequent the feeder on a daily basis.

Chimes that sound melodic when the metal or wooden pieces strike together may promote an upbeat vibe that your friend can focus on while they gaze at the yard decoration. A flag that contains a bright-colored field that is complementary to a photo and lettering will provide a reminder of the individual and the impact that they made while on earth. If you choose any of these gift ideas, have engravings added to hard surfaces and printing added to fabric ones.

A Food And Beverage Basket

Access to a food and beverage basket will alleviate the stress associated with preparing meals during the mourning process. A food basket can be enjoyed by the person who has lost someone or can be shared with others who will be visiting your friend during the first few weeks after the death has occurred. Gourmet foods to consider adding to a basket include cured meats, cheeses, spreads, crackers, coffee, tea, and baked dessert items.

In order to create a personalized basket that features food and beverage types that can be used as entire meals, homemade comfort foods, and drink mixes can be added to a large wicker or plastic basket.

If you choose this gift idea, create a list of foods and beverages that you know your friend likes. Order food products that can be used to fill a basket or purchase ingredients that can be used to prepare homemade items.

A Self-Care Basket

Self-care may be one of the last things on someone's mind during the grieving process. Supplying a basket that is filled with aromatic oils, soaps, lotions, and bathing tools can help your friend relax. A set of candles and a floral ensemble may make soaking sessions more appealing.

Candles that are contained within glass holders and flowers that are displayed within a beautiful vase will brighten up a room and add a soft scent that is soothing. If you choose this gift idea, purchase products that are similarly scented.

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