5 Benefits Of Residential Canvas Canopies

A canvas canopy can provide shade and protection to your patio seating area. There are quite a few benefits when it comes to choosing canvas, as the following illustrates.

1. Weather Resistant

Outdoor canvas products are made to be highly resistant to weathering damage. Quality canvas canopies are typically treated to resist damage like mildew from moisture and dry rot from UV sun exposure. Wind is the only type of weather that can lead to major damage, but canvas canopies are designed to be rolled up when not in use so there is no reason to expose them to wind.

2. Retractable 

You aren't stuck with a covered patio all the time when you have a canvas canopy. If you would like to enjoy a bit of sunshine on a cool day, simply retract the awning. There are even motorized retractable motor versions that can be controlled by remote or sensor. For example, you can get a wind sensor that will automatically retract the awning on a windy day so that it doesn't suffer damage.

3. Design Options

There is a multitude of design options when it comes to a canvas canopy. You can choose from nearly any color in the rainbow, so it is easy to match the canopy to your home's trim. There are also decorative pattern options, so stripes, florals, and other designs are options that you can integrate into the canopy if you don't want a simple solid color. Finally, the size and configuration of the canopy can also be customized to fit your patio space.

4. Easy Maintenance

As long as you don't retract a canvas canopy when it is damp, there is very little maintenance. Generally, an annual cleaning with a canvas cleaner is the main maintenance task. You may also need to treat the canvas every few years to maintain the waterproof and UV-resistant coating. If the cover is retracted when damp, there may be some mildew growth. This will require a more thorough cleaning.

5. Comfort

When it comes to comfort, a canvas canopy delivers. Canopies are somewhat translucent, so you still have the comfort of a warm glow of natural light even though you are shaded from the harsh glare of the sun. You'll be cooler on the patio on hot days, and drier on damp days. Further, the canopy helps shade the house, which can lead to cooler temperatures inside as well. 

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