Two Common Questions About Mold Testing

Many homeowners have misconceptions about mold. They think that any mold in their household is not good, even though mold is everywhere. If you were to take a mold test kit and place it outside your home, you'd discover that there is mold in the air simply by being outside. That's why you likely have a few questions about mold in your home.

When Should You Be Concerned About Mold In A Home?

It's always a good idea to test your home for mold when you are making a real estate purchase. You do not know what kind of history the home has had, such as a burst pipe that allowed water to get in places where you cannot see. It is also worth testing for mold in your home if you do have water get inside. This can include basement flooding due to a storm, sewer backups, leaking plumbing, and things of that nature.

You should also be concerned about mold if people in your home have signs of a mold allergy. They may have bad sinuses while at home, causing sneezing or a runny nose. They may have a persistent cough that doesn't seem to go away. They could also suffer from having an itchy throat, nose, and eyes. 

How Do You Know What Is A Safe Level Of Mold?

Since mold is everywhere, you should realize that a mold test will likely come back with some amount of mold in your home. You'll want to get a baseline test for mold done by actually testing the outside air. This will let you know how much mold is getting into your home through open windows, going through open doors, and the general air quality where you live.

You can then perform a test in your home and see how that compares to the outdoor air. Ideally, the amount of mold in your home should not be worse than the air quality outside. If the indoor air is worse, you likely have mold somewhere in your home that needs to be removed. If the mold levels are less than what they are outside, then you know that your home has a safe level of mold in it. 

Have concerns about mold in your home? Consider hiring a professional mold testing company to come out to your home and investigate. They can help provide you with quick results so that you know if you are dealing with mold.