3 Unique Places To Install New Windows In Your Home

Windows are useful in every home because they provide natural light, fresh air, outside views, and an emergency exit if needed. However, while you may like your home's windows, you may feel like there are not enough in each room to satisfy your family. An excellent solution is to install new windows, and you may be most interested in adding them to unique locations. 

Learning about some of these special locations will help you work with window installation professionals and help you transform your home in a unique and exciting way.


An entryway is an ideal place to install a couple of new windows. For instance, you can install a window above the front door to gain reliable indirect natural lighting throughout the day. This setup is worthwhile when you want to maintain maximum privacy while brightening the area.

Another possibility is installing windows on each side of the front door. This option is worth considering when you are comfortable giving up some privacy at the entryway. These windows let you see outside, so you can see who is at your house before opening the door.


Windows are also worth putting in the stairway of a multistory home. An important decision to make is deciding exactly where you install these windows. One option is to put them around eye level, giving you a view of the outside as you walk up or down the stairs. Another option is to install them higher up to enjoy the natural lighting without giving up privacy.

Stairway windows are beneficial because they can brighten an area that may feel excessively dim at times, especially when overhead lights are not on.


For the most part, you may not expect to get much or any natural light in your hallway. But adding a large window to the end of a hallway can provide ample lighting. The hallway might end past every room, which means you may not actually go all the way to the end that often. So, you can install a large window without worrying about sacrificing too much, or any, privacy.

When your hallway is located on an exterior wall, you can install windows along the entire hallway wall. Since your family may pass through these hallways multiple times a day, you will likely want to install overhead windows to maintain privacy for everyone in your family.

Consider these unique places to install windows that can satisfy your family. Contact a local window installation service to learn more.