4 Ways to Save Money on Sod

Installing new landscaping often includes upgrading the lawn. When it comes to grass options, sod is the way to go since it provides instant green lawns. Purchasing grass from sod instead of growing it from seed does come at a higher upfront cost, but there are ways you can mitigate expenses so that the grass fits into your budget.

1. Choose Local Grown

Local nurseries and turf suppliers often cost less than ordering from a big box store, simply because the sod travels a shorter distance to get from the turf farm to your home. Plus, local sod is more likely to root quickly and grow well in your area. Of course, some national chains do source their sod from local suppliers, so it pays to look at both prices and sources before you buy.

2. Avoid Delivery Charges

Delivery can be convenient, but there are some drawbacks. One is the cost, as there are usually substantial savings to enjoy if you are able to pick up the sod yourself. This is especially true for small orders. Another benefit to picking it up is you will have more control over when the sod arrives since you aren't at the mercy of the delivery schedule. Turf is only cut on certain days, though, so you will still need to time pickup to match the sod suppliers cutting schedule.

3. Pick the Right Type

Choosing the right type of grass for your climate and landscaping may not save you money right now, but it will in the long run. Grass that grows well in the conditions you can provide will require less costly maintenance and repairs over the years. For example, a grass that has low water needs and can survive drought and heat by going dormant will cost less to grow in a hot, dry climate than a cool season grass such as fine fescue.

4. Buy It in Bulk

Many grass suppliers will provide a discount for large orders. This can ensure impressive savings if you are installing new sod over a large lawn, such as in both your front and back yard. Another way to take advantage of bulk discounts is to pool orders. Talk with your neighbors to see if any are planning to do any sod work this summer, then order everyone's sod at once. You get the benefit of bulk pricing and the sod supplier only needs to make one delivery trip.

Contact a grass sales service to find suitable sod options for your lawn.