3 Decisions To Make When Replacing The Windows In Your Home

Leaky windows are a common source of energy loss in homes, but a lot of homeowners wait to replace their windows because of the costs. At some point, you may decide to hire a company to install new windows for you. When you do this, you will have a few important decisions to make, and here are three of them. New Windows vs. Replacement Windows Many people do not understand the difference between new windows and replacement windows, but there is a big difference.

The Ultimate Guide To Feeling At Home After A Big Move

Around 12% of the American population moves each year. Many of those moves are across town, or into a neighboring city, but some of those moves are big. They are across state lines, sometimes many state lines. They take your family into a whole new arena, and those are the tough ones. Here are 4 tips for feeling more at home after a big move. 1. Do Your Homework Once you know where you're moving, don't wait until you get there to find out about the place.